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The Wedding Cake


Selecting a good wedding cake is very interesting part of the wedding planning. A special wedding requires a special cake. The perfect wedding cake is one that’s tasty as well as delightful for the senses. If you carefully select your baker, they can make creatively designed wedding cakes especially for your wedding. The cake can be designed on the theme of your wedding ceremony, the season of your wedding or anything you like. If you are not that creative, go safe and choose from some of the already available designs in the bakery.

After selecting the design, you need to give good consideration to the size and ingredients of the wedding cake. In shapes, round is the most preferred shape. You can select quality ingredients depending on the taste. Chocolate wedding cake is one of the popular cakes for Wedding Parties. You can try various types of tastes and select the best one exclusively for your wedding. To know more visit http://www.mushroomcatering.com.au

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Weekly Food Budget

A weekly food budget can help you in cutting extra costs on food items that sometimes raise unnecessary expenses. One important suggestion to avoid extra expenses is to shop wisely. These things can be used for a few months. Try to correctly figure out the quantity of all the essential items and then buy these in a reasonable budget. To get food on a budget, you can try exploring all the nearby grocery stores or outlets which are offering discounts on bulk grocery shopping. You can buy most of the essentials like spices, condiments, flours, oil etc from there. The fresh vegetables can be bought once in a week and can be kept in the refrigerator.

You can also cut much of the extra cost, if you cook your food at home. The extra expenses will be removed. You will also need to keep a check that food items should not be wasted and anything that spoils easily should be bought in appropriate quantity only. If you are planning to throw a party shortly, you can try buying budget food from various outlets and stores which offer great discounts for budget party food. You can easily execute this budget by planning well. To know more visit http://www.mushroomcatering.com.au/blog/?x=entry:entry110807-235223

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Gourmet word is used for all types of food and wine of refined taste, presentation and nourishment. Such foods include very good quality of meats, sauce, salad and exceptionally good wine. It is prepared by combining different types of small meals. These meals are very carefully selected to give the proper nourishment and superb taste. Gourmet sauce is used frequently in this cuisine style. These are made from chilies, ginger, tomato, vinegar, different types of curry pastes etc. These can be easily mixed with the meats to give a delicacy to the cuisine. It is very popular among people of elite class in all civilizations.

If you want to order gourmet foods online, you can see sample menu on various catering websites that exclusively provide this type of food. Earlier these foods were very popular among the elite class only but nowadays, it is gaining popularity with everyone. Gourmet meats are part of nearly all parties. They can be grilled, smoked, stuffed, roasted and cooked in different styles with wonderful rich flavors. These can be great for any cocktail party and are very easy to serve too. These are served in wedding parties, traditional bashes and holiday celebrations. To know more visit http://www.mushroomcatering.com.au/blog/?x=entry:entry110808-000353

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Antipasto is the first course of the traditional Italian meal. The meaning of “Antipasto” is “before the meal”. Traditional antipasto recipes include cured meats, olives, roasted garlic, mushrooms, various types of cheese and peperone (marinated small green bell peppers) etc. The marinated meats and mushrooms are made at home and further additional edibles are added to this platter. It is one of the best starter meals which utilises a variety of raw vegetables like tomato, cabbage, lettuce, capsicum etc. The tomatoes are cut into round slices and covered with more mozzarella cheese and rock salt.


The capsicum is kept in salty oil for some time period and is cut into rough pieces before serving the meal. Chopped garlic cloves are sprinkled over it. Antipasto is made with less oil and is very rich in healthy calories. It can be a great replacement for the unhealthy fried starters. Garlic bread accompanies nearly most of the antipasto recipes. Non-vegetarian food lovers can add more marinated meats and sauce to this delicious recipe. Antipasto pasta salad is made by mixing meat, pasta and cheese together. More ingredients like olive oil, green and black olives, vinegar can also be added as per the taste. To know more visit http://www.mushroomcatering.com.au/blog/?x=entry:entry110808-000734